Can I [blank] during COVID?

My kids where asking why these days they can go to school however cannot hang out with half a dozen friends. I had a hard time conveying to them there's a combination of importance and safety which must be taken into consideration. I made a quick chart and they instantly got it.

So, below is a webified version, completely subjective. Simply select a Safety and Importance level. The chart will show you your activity compared to some others. The darker the red, the more you may want to avoid the activity.

Enjoy responsibly.


What's the risk of your activity? Are you alone? Are you with many people? Indoors or out? On a scale of 1 - 10, higher numbers are more safe than lower numbers.

1Ten or more people
2Nine people
3Eight people
4Seven people
5Six people
6Five people
7Four people
8Three people
9Two people
10One person


How important is your activity? Do you work in a hospital? Are you watching TV? On a scale of 1 to 10, higher numbers are greater importance than lower numbers.

1[Need Description]
2[Need Description]
3[Need Description]
4[Need Description]
5[Need Description]
6[Need Description]
7[Need Description]
8[Need Description]
9[Need Description]
10[Need Description]
Chart Div